Winter Camp

Winter Camp

Winter Camp 2017
Location: Lake Geneva Youth Camp, Wisconsin
Camper Age Range: 12 to 18
Camper Tuition: $325 (Postmarked before December 1st); $350 after Dec. 1st.
Staff Tuition: No charge (minimum age 18 and High School Graduate)
Dates: December 27, 2018 to Jan 2, 2019 (staff arrives Dec. 26)

Camp Director: Aaron Creech

Winter Camp will take place at the same facility we used this past year. It is a very nice facility with plenty of opportunities for new activities each year to allow us to experience the Zone in late December. This year there will be no overlap with Winter Family Weekend, and Winter Camp will begin December 27 in the afternoon. Our Lake Geneva facility offers several new activities for campers, including two indoor climbing walls and a full-size gym for volleyball and basketball. If there is enough snow there will be snowboarding, tobogganing, and tubing. Additional activities include broomball, field sports, dance class, two dances, an escape room, capture the flag, and teDam building activities. The activity schedule will include plenty of time for socializing. The core of Winter Camp is built on fellowship, fun, friends, and a foundation of Bible classes and Christian Living instruction specific for teens. Campers will enjoy building friendships and with one another while enjoying their time at Winter Camp. We will again go off site for snowboarding with the older campers and we will have a selection of live performances from some campers during our final dance. 

Our facility has great dorms and the food is very good with a fresh salad bar for lunch and dinner. We will also have a s'mores night as well as hot chocolate throughout the week. 

Dates: December 27, 2018 – January 2, 2019 (Thursday through Wednesday). Campers should arrive between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. December 27
Staff should arrive December 26 by 5:00 PM. (More details will be provided upon acceptance).

Tuition: $325 ($350 after December 1st)


• Climbing Wall

• Tubing/Tobogganing

• Snowboarding

• Field sports

• Indoor/Outdoor Team building

• Volleyball/Basketball

• Dance class

• Broomball

• Escape Room

• Fellowship Time

• Bible Class


Arriving flights should be on December 27 by 1. Departing flights should be on January 2 between 12 PM and 5 PM. Free transportation will be provided between camp and these airports: Mitchell (Milwaukee), O’Hare and Midway (Chicago).

Send Payment to:

Aaron Creech
217 Red Church Road
Auburn, PA 17922

Make Checks Payable to:
UCG- Winter Camp

Phone: 513-374-9392


Winter Camp Packing List

2017 Winter Camp (Lake Geneva Camp and Conference Center, WI)

Packing List

United Youth Camps Dress Code:

At United Youth Camps our goal is to honor God the Father and Jesus Christ and this includes being a good example in our dress, appearance, speech and conduct (1 Timothy 2:9; 4:12). Some examples of low standards of dress and appearance are body piercings (other than earrings for girls), short shorts, trousers or other clothes that show underwear, clothing that is revealing (including midriffs), clothing that displays inappropriate messages, unnatural hair colors and inappropriate hair lengths (shorn for girls or long for guys). Clothing such as halter-tops and spaghetti strap tops are not appropriate at our camps due to the nature of our camp activities. Campers and staff of United Youth Camps are asked to reflect modesty and purity in their dress and appearance. 


Items required to bring to camp:

·         Sleeping bag or Bedding (sheets/blanket)

·         Pillow

·         Bible, notebook, pen

·         Towel(s) and washcloths (no towels are provided)

·         Flashlight

·         Water bottle/thermos

·         Slippers/thick socks (for the dorm rooms)

·         Warm coat, warm hat, warm gloves (several pairs because they get wet)

·         Snow boots or warm outdoor shoes/boots – waterproof is good. (Tennis shoes are not warm.) 8-9 pairs of socks (Consider at least one pair of wool socks especially for outdoor activities). Wool warms when wet, cotton does not).

·         Shoes – tennis shoes

·         4-5 pairs of jeans/sweat pants

·         6-7 shirts

·         Long-johns

·         Undergarments - bring enough

·         Clothing for the camp dance:  This year we will be having two dances.  

·         Comfortable shoes for the dance

·         Toiletries

·         Sabbath clothes and dress shoes: 


Items suggested to bring:

·         Enough clothes—because layers are better for warmth.

·         Packets of “Emergen-C” (or a similar vitamin drink powder available at most stores)

·         Disposable hand-warmers and foot-warmers (each usually lasts 8-10 hours)

·         Sweat suits and/or sweatshirt

·         Snow suit and/or snow pants

·         Scarf

·         Night clothes (warm)

·         Flip flops for in the shower or bathroom

·         Materials to make Sabbath notes if you desire

·         Alarm Clock (especially for counselors) – campers may not use cell phones for photos or alarms

·         A digital camera

·         A rain poncho in case of rain instead of snow

·         Remember to write your name on all personal items, including Bibles and cameras.


Activities planned:

(Activities are subject to change due to weather conditions or other factors.)  Climbng Wall, Giant Swing, Bubbleball, Volleyball, Basketball, Paintball, Tobogganing/Snowboarding (if snow), Amazing Race, Field Sports, Team Building, Dance Class, Amazing Race, Bible Class, 2 Dances, Broomball, Bunco and lots of fellowship time.


Variety Show – Special Music:

We are planning to have a variety show during Winter Camp. If you play an instrument, sing a song, or write poetry we would love to have you participate. Please bring instruments, accompaniment music or whatever you need along with you to camp. If you play an instrument and would like to play for hymn singing or hymns on Sabbath, please bring any necessary items with you. Remember to bring your music stand and transposed hymnal if you have one. 


Staff Cell Phone Policy: If needed, staff may use cell phones during personal time.

Camper Cell Phone Policy: Campers are not allowed to have cell phones at camp. If brought by campers, the cell phones will be collected at check-in by designated camp staff.  Campers will be permitted to check-out their phones to call home some evenings during fellowship time. Campers should plan to bring a camera or alarm clock if desired (though not needed) as cell phones are not to be used for those purposes.  We look forward to seeing you at camp. Let us know if you have any questions. And please pray for God’s blessing on our camp program.


Warm regards,


Aaron Creech


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