Can I stay in a dorm with my friends?

The camp director makes dorm assignments for many organizational reasons, including balancing out the roster for age, experience and other factors. Sometimes you end up in the same dorm as your friends and sometimes you don’t. If you aren’t with your friends, you’ll have the opportunity to make a lot of new ones—one of the goals of camp! Please don’t ask that dorm assignments be changed. It is our policy to not make changes based on personal preferences. We have had much experience in this area and have found that in these cases, most people have a great time and end up with many more friends when camp is over. Trust us, it really works.

Some of my friends attended several camps last year. Can I do that, and how?

You can attend as many United Youth Camps as you like, provided there is room and you can pay for it. Remember, the tuition is only part of the cost, and you must provide your own transportation to and from the camp. Many parents feel the program is so valuable that they encourage their teens to attend multiple programs. Be sure to indicate on your application how many camps you wish to attend.

How do you apply for a scholarship for camp?

The scholarship program is electronic and linked to the program we use for online registration. If you will need scholarship help, please notify your pastor first and talk with him about it. If approved, your pastor will notify the camp director and the process begins. We do encourage you to save for camp and ask your parents to budget for this experience. Because our funds are limited, we try to help those who most need assistance and we generally can only provide partial scholarships. Generally you cannot receive scholarships for attending multiple camps.

Why can’t we bring our own music if we listen to it with earphones?

We have a short period of time to accomplish some bold objectives at camp. We need your full attention, all the time. Also, wearing headphones takes you away from your dorm/team. It takes effort to build relationships and this is the greatest strength of our program. Tune in to camp—you’ll like what you hear.

How old do I have to be to apply for a staff position?

Our UYC standards mandate that staff members must be two years older than the people they supervise, so we will only consider those 17 or older for staff. Since our pool of experienced campers is growing, most staff positions will go to those 18 or older. One suggestion to help you gain experience is to try to work on the staff of a preteen camp. Check with your pastor about a preteen camp in your region (see the Preteen Camps page). Another way to improve your chances of being accepted on the staff is to get as many credentials as possible, including CPR, first aid, lifesaving, WSI, orienteering, wilderness skills, or specific training in whatever venue you feel you have a talent. Be patient. Be prepared.

Why don’t you allow practical jokes at United Youth Camps?

Experience has shown that once practical jokes begin, they tend to escalate—each person tries to outdo the other. When this occurs, our peaceful, respectful Zone is compromised. We want everyone to have a great camp experience, so practical jokes aren’t permitted.

Can my friend who is not in United attend a United Youth Camp?

Yes, it is possible. But all those applying must read the Code of Honor and be willing to comply with the values of the camp program. In the past we have had teens who were not associated with the United Church of God attend our camps. Of course, the same standards apply for everyone. The parent or guardian must sign the statement of consent on the application form, and if there are discipline problems, the camp director can send a teen home at the parent’s expense.

How do I apply for a United Youth Camp?

Please complete the online application.  You can find it here!