2018 Teen Camp Dates

Cotubic, OH          - June 10-17
Pinecrest, MO       - July 1-8 
Hye Sierra, CA      - July 1-8 
Woodmen, AL       - TBA
Northwest, OR      - July 22-July 29
Winter Camp, WI  - TBA (Late Dec.)

2018 Preteen Camps

Nacome, TN              - June 3-6
Piney Woods, TX        - June 10-13
Ironwood, MN            - July 15-18
Northwest                 - July 15-18
Colorado                   - July 17-20
Buckeye, OH              - July 29-Aug. 1
Seven Mountains, PA  - July 29-Aug. 1





"The mission of the United Youth Camps program is to support parents and the Church in teaching youth to develop their full godly potential – which is their calling into the Body of Jesus Christ and the work of the Church – while learning that God's spiritual laws are practical ways of living (Deuteronomy 6:6-9 & 11:19-20; Psalm 34:11; Proverbs 22:6; Ephesians 6:4). Within our mission are contained camper goals, staff objectives, biblical standards and a positive message to our teens that God’s ways work!"

2018 Teen Camp Dates

Camp Cotubic, OH June 10-June 17 (staff arrives June 9) Camp Pinecrest, MO July 1-July 8 (staff arrives July 1) Camp Woodmen, AL (announced when available) Camp Hye Sierra, CA July 1-July 8 (staff arrives June 29) Northwest Camp, OR July 22-July 29 (staff arrives July 21, counseling staff July 20) Winter Camp, WI (late December, 2018)

2017 Teen Camp Dates

Cotubic, OH--------June 18-June 25 (Staff June 17)

Pinecrest, MO------June 23-June 30 (Staff June 22)

Hye Sierra, CA-----July 2-July 9 (Staff June 30)

Woodmen, AL-----July 23-July 30 (Staff July 22)

Northwest, OR----July 23-July 30 (Staff July 22, Counselors July 21))

Winter Camp, WI--Dec. 27, 2017-Jan. 2, 2018 

2016 Teen Camp Dates

Camp Pinecrest, MO June 24-July 1 (staff arrives June 23)
Camp Cotubic, OH June 26-July 3 (staff arrives June 25)
Camp Woodmen, AL June 26-July 3 (staff arrives June 25)
Camp Hye Sierra, CA June 26-July 3 (staff arrives June 24)
Northwest Camp, OR July 24-July 31 (staff arrives July 23, counseling staff July 22)

(We apologize for overlaps in 2016 but with a late Pentecost we moved Camp Cotubic forward a week. Other overlaps were created by the host camps offering these dates to us.)

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