Online Registration Help

To insure  your online registration will go smoothly:

  1. Go to the UYC website at and click “Apply for camp online.” All participation releases and signatures will be collected electronically, so just follow the prompts through the easy online application system.
  2.  Complete the online application.
  3. Mail tuition payment to the camp director. Most camps offer a reduced tuition if you pay by May 1 so take advantage of this!
  4. Upload your photo and transportation details as soon as you know them. This is very important!

Scholarships may be available for those who need the financial assistance. Local scholarships: First ask your pastor to see if any local scholarships are available. National scholarships: Ask your pastor about applying for a national UYC scholarship. Remember partial scholarships are offered and generally not full scholarships. Campers should take advantage of part-time jobs to partially cover their tuition cost.

What if you don’t have a computer or Internet access? Don’t worry, simply contact your pastor, a friend or your local library in order to access the Internet. We do not have the ability to process paper applications, so please take advantage of the Internet. It’s simple and quick!

  • When you register, be sure to use an e-mail address that you check regularly. E-mail will become the primary way the camp director communicates with you.
  • Please note that you are not accepted until you receive a separate e-mail message from the camp director with any other specific information you need for that camp.

Thank you!