What Not To Bring

What Not to Bring

 Expensive jewelry (including valuable watches) or large amounts of cash
• Rollerblades, skate-boards or scooters
• Alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana or illegal drugs. (Prescription drugs must be turned in at registration to the camp medical team)
• Tight or revealing clothing, short shorts, clothing that shows underwear; no bare mid-riffs, halter-tops or immodest swim¬wear
• Electronics: All types of music players, headphones, video games, computers, walkie-talkies, iPods, MP3 players, DVD players, TVs, radios, etc.
• Dark gothic apparel or adornment (including black nail polish)
• Improper wording or messages on clothing or camp gear
• Body piercings
• Fantasy games, tarot cards and other “dark world” materials (Deuterono¬my 18:9-14)
• Candy or snacks. Leave these at home so ants or rodents aren’t attracted to your sleeping quarters. Parents, please do not mail “care packages” of sweets to your camper.
• Frayed or torn “grunge” clothing
• Matches, lighters, fireworks, firearms, pocketknives or other weapons unless written permission is given by the camp director
• Cell phones are best left at home or with your parents but if you bring a cell phone to camp, it must be turned in at registration. It will be returned to you when you check out of camp. Cell phone usage for calling home during camp is at the individual camp director’s discretion.