2017 Teen Camp Dates

Cotubic, OH          - June 18-25
Pinecrest, MO       - June 23-June 30 
Hye Sierra, CA      - July 2-9 
Woodmen, AL       - July 23-30
Northwest, OR      - July 23-July 30
Winter Camp, WI  - Later December

2017 Preteen Camps

Nacome, TN             - May 28-31
Piney Woods, TX       - July 9-12
Colorado                  - July 16-19
Ironwood, MN           - July 16-19
Buckeye, OH             - July 30-August 2
Northwest                 - August 1-4
Seven Mountains, PA - August 13-16





"The mission of the United Youth Camps program is to support parents and the Church in teaching youth to develop their full godly potential – which is their calling into the Body of Jesus Christ and the work of the Church – while learning that God's spiritual laws are practical ways of living (Deuteronomy 6:6-9 & 11:19-20; Psalm 34:11; Proverbs 22:6; Ephesians 6:4). Within our mission are contained camper goals, staff objectives, biblical standards and a positive message to our teens that God’s ways work!"

Successful Summer!

All five UYC summer camps have now been successfully completed! We are thankful to God for His blessing upon the campers and staff.  Approximately 430 campers and over 250 staff attended one of our five camp locations. Our main Christian Living theme was: “Calling, Honor & Faith.” Both campers and staff focused on their calling by God the Father to be a part of His true Church today and to be in training for service in the coming Kingdom of God. A big thank you to our dedicated staff for their excellent service to the campers. We eagerly look forward to next summer! (By the way, Winter Camp, WI will be held December 24-30 so if you are interested in attending, apply online now.)

-- Steve Nutzman

Join Us!

Campers and Staff, camp life is great and you are invited to be a part of it!

Incredibly, we are heading into our 18th year of the United Youth Camps program!

Thousands of teens and staff have been a part of this treasured experience of learning God’s way of life as they enjoy the camp experience together in different parts of the United States, as well as in various nations around the world.

Our overall Christian Living theme this year is very special: “Calling, Honor and Faith.”
Campers and staff, we invite you to join us again for this great gift of seeing your friends at camp and making new ones while learning more about developing your personal relationship with your Creator God. You will see God’s way of life in action—we call it “The Zone”.

Campers, now is the time to apply to the camp(s) of your choice so you can enjoy and benefit from an action packed week! Tell your friends to apply as well.

Staff, we could not have camp without you so please join us! And parents, we thank you for your unwavering support of the UYC program but most of all, we thank you for teaching God’s way to your youth.

Happy Camping!

Steve Nutzman
UYC National Coordinator

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